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    Must now "View on Facebook" for Mentions/Comments-Outlook 2013 click-to-run

    For the past 2 months, when someone "Mentions" me on Facebook, I can no longer see the content within the email notification, I must click the "View on Facebook" box to go see it. Also, on some Facebook "comments", you can actually see part of the comment in the notification's header, but NONE...
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    Constant Dropbox Outlook Addin Authentication Prompts

    How can I stop Office 365 Outlook from requesting "Authentication" for the Nextra Outllook Dropbox Add-in every time I open Outlook upon each boot of Windows on my PC, and make the Authentication stick for good? It's annoying, and it's the ONLY Add-in that gives me this issue, most likely...
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    Text Of Facebook Status Updates & Posted Photos NOT Showing In Emails

    For the past 2 & 1/2 to 3 weeks, details of 98% of the Facebook Status Updates & Posted Photo email notifications I've received, are NOT shown in the Outlook 2010 email window pane; that is to say, the text of the status updates, or the thumbnails of the posted photos in particular, are NOT...
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    Particular Facebook "Hyperlink" Issue In Office 2010 Outlook (32 bit)

    I'm using Office 2010 Outlook (32 bit) on my Dell XPS 400 (no Exchange Server Account),with Windows XP SP3, and always download and install the suggested Microsoft updates. For the past 2 months now, whenever I get a Facebook Status update email from a friend, the embedded Hyperlink WILL...