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    'Show as conversation' query

    I've Outlook 2013 set up 'to show as conversation' as I find this easier to show the context of emails between myself / recipient over a period of time. Am I correct in saying that once the Subject box, in any email sent between myself and a recipient, is changed it wont be included in the...
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    Unusual Signature & Spell Check Query

    I run a small, but successful, business and use Outlook 2013 for all emails. I've used Outlook for many years and know / use / understand many of it's great features. Here's my issue: I've created a 'signature', and I've used this for years....but it's a split 'signature' in that there is...
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    Outlook local calendar & iCloud calendar syncing query

    I use a purpose built Access database that records the details of contacts & events that I run. It does a lot more than this, but that's not relevant to this query. One of the main features I had built into the Access database was that it transferred events + other important information into my...