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    Facility Mangaement using Exchange Resource Mailbox, Conflicts properties

    I don't know how or when a conflicts count is adjusted for an appointment\meeting item. If you use a resource scheduler function, the conflicts properties are a great way to check for errors in booking, but there's no documentation on when this property is actually instantiated. You can...
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    Viewing of Calendar info

    Exchange is a great tool for contacts and appointment information. It's a great place to start building integrated solutions because it is simple. That said, I've been asked again and again "How can I view a monthly calendar with all events showing?" There is no real easy way to do this...
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    Redirection checking

    Situation: I use resource management in exchange 2010, however, we now have several rooms that are "Partitionable" rooms; that is, they can either be split, or not. The best way to handle this kind of situation, according to microsoft, is redirecting. However, they haven't given me any...
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    Changing Organizer of event (for single to total calendar move; long way )

    Many people say you cannot change the organizer of the event. This is untrue. You can, but it is not easy. For a single event: Download from Original as iCAL, open in text editor, find\replace the organizer section, upload to new organizer, cancel from old organizer without message, send...