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    Encrypted connection to server refused

    I have two Win 7 systems with Outlook 2010 and IDENTICAL Outlook email IMAP account setups. Lately, one of the systems can no longer obtain an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) to the ISP server, both ways (in/out). I'm persistently getting only 0x800CCC0E errors "Cannot connect to the server."...
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    Outlook 2010 some sent items marked unread now (was Ok before)

    Last week my Outlook 2010 client suddenly started showing some of the sent items (emails) marked as unread. I've been using current configuration for years and this has never happened before. My local folders are mapped to corresponding IMAP folders on provider's server (it's been like this...
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    FYI: CodeTwo Sync for iCloud is FREE now!

    I'm not sure this is news, and I don't know how long ago this tool became FREE, but ... just in case. If you want to sync and use your Calendar across your devices (PCs, iPads, iPhones, etc.), this tool is going to do the trick. The iCloud alone doesn't fix that by itself (a well-known fact)...
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    Showing more months in the Calendar nav pane

    A common issue with Outlook 201x is that the Navigation pane in Calendar (not the ToDo pane in Mail) usually shows only 1 month, and if you try to drag the separator beneath to see more months, you'll experience that it's impossible to move! I've seen a lot of questions about this on the web...
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    Outlook BSOD (my oldest computer)

    Hi, I'm experiencing a very strange problem lately. It appeared suddenly on a system that has been running fine for ages (no new installations or recent system configuration changes too). On my oldest computer, I'm still running WinXP and Office 2003 (sorry). Recently, the computer started to...
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    Outlook 2013 - 2nd acct stopped receiving email after Win 8.1 upgrade

    I use two accounts in Outlook 2013 (64-bit) and the default account (POP3) is working fine. It's synchronized by means of Syncing.Net (another PC is the master). The second account is IMAP and set up Ok, sending email Ok, but it suddenly stopped receiving email after the Windows 8.1 upgrade...