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    Outlook 2021 Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021 - Inexpensive Lifetime License

    StackSocial is running this sale again. I just received this in my Inbox. It's a legit Lifetime-License key for $50 and it works fine. I picked-up my copy there and it Installs and Activates without problem. Looks like the sale for the Windows version ends in 5-days. Microsoft Office Pro Plus...
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    Outlook 2021 Outlook-2021 (64-bit) and iCloud-for-Windows v13.0 - It Works Good.

    So, I just got finished upgrading my Microsoft Office Pro 2016 (32-bit) with Outlook-2016 (32-bit) and iCloud-for-Windows v7.21 to Microsoft Office Pro 2021 (64-bit) with Outlook-2021 (64-bit) and the latest iCloud-for-Windows v13.0 (from Microsoft Store) TL;DR – It was a fairly easy install...
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    Outlook 2016 iCloud for Windows - Why no working Calendars and Tasks ?

    So, in iCloud for Windows v7.21 settings, my Contacts and Mail sync and work fine. However, it DOES say it also supports Calendars and Tasks. They obviously intended them to work/sync also. Over the years (and several different versions of Outlook and iCloud) ... I have successfully used...
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    Outlook 2016 Does Outlook-2016 (64 bit) work with iCloud for Windows ?

    Back when I installed my Microsoft Office 2007, it was 32-bit and worked with the current release of iCloud for Windows of that time. When Microsoft Office 2010 was released, it was suggested to install the 32-bit version, to retain compatibility with Addins/Plugins like iCloud for Windows...
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    Outlook 2016 Outlook-2016 and iCloud for Windows - Problems

    Since this is the best place on the Internet to discuss Outlook and iCloud for Windows integrations, I thought I would start a thread. Not only to help me through my current problems, but to share my experience with others looking for tips and help. While I still have my Mac-Mini-2012 (that I...
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    Syncing Outlook installs with iCloud

    I setup my new Mac-Mini (my first real Mac ever) the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see all my Contacts etc. appear in the free/included native OSx apps. All I did was login with my iCloud login. I started wondering ... Not iTunes, but only iCloud-ControlPanel ... if I installed...
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    iCloud Configuring in Outlook (updated)

    Your Name: John Smith E-mail Address: Account Type: IMAP Incoming server names: Outgoing Server: Username: johnsmith (not full email address ... only what is to left of Password: password - Remember...
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    iCloud Control Panel v3.x Released

    On Windows7-64, the Apple Software Updater just notified me of iCloud Control Panel v3.0 being released. I said remind me later since I'm doing Outlook2007 iCloud Sync (until I backup my PST, etc.). Anyone tried it yet?
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    iCloud and Outlook 2007 iCloud - Initial setup with live data on all machines

    So, I got mine working and syncing fine: Windows 7-64 , iTunes 11.x, iCloud Control Panel v2.1.2 Outlook 2007 iPhone-5 iPad2 - iOS v6.1.3 Now, I want to get my wife's set of machines working: Windows 7-64 (a different machine) , iTunes 11.x Outlook 2007 iPhone-3gs - iOS...
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    Outlook Data File (PST) - Auto Backup Solution

    What would be the best automated solution to capture a daily backup of my Outlook data? Not just for major-failure-restores, but also in case of minor corruptions or unintended manipulations. Seem like Outlook would have to be shut-down (so PST files are "closed"). Not sure if iCloud keeps...
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    Anyone Using CodeTwo Sync for iCloud ?

    Anyone using this ? Not that I'm excited about yet another Addin manipulating my PST files and folders, but it looks like this Addin might be a work-around to correct some of the draw-backs of using iCloud with Outlook. It seems that some Outlook...
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    Outlook 2007/2010 - First time iCloud setup and config for heavy Outlook user

    The SlipStick blog is great, but I just discovered this forum. I thought my iCloud setup voyages (as well as being new Apple/iOS user) might be better discussed in this forum. I hope it's ok, but to give my thread some context, I'm going to copy my blog-posts and Diane's excellent responses so...