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    How to get Meeting Invitations into calendar?

    Hi Diane, Forgive me if this has been asked already. When meeting invitations are accepted by my colleague (using Outlook on his desktop), they are stored in the "this computer only" calendar. We need the meetings to be stored in the calendar so that I can see them too. I believe...
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    Search function "to: ONLY Bob"

    Hi there, I come back to this amazing forum again and again! Quick question: in searching Outlook 2013, I am aware that you can search "to: Bob" and bring up all the emails you have ever sent to Bob. But what if Bob is a recipient of many group emails I send, and I don't want to see all...
  3. B calendar no longer syncing with Blackberry

    Hi Diane, I help my colleague with some of the technical side of our work. A while ago we set him up with an calendar, which he was able to sync to his Blackberry. It's worked for months, but he always had to connect his phone to the computer in the evening to do the sync (because...
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    Can't see the attachments to Calendar files

    Hello, I've tried to attach an email and a file to a calendar file using "insert." Afterwards the calendar file / appointment appears to have an attachment because I see the paperclip, but I don't see the actual attachment anywhere. What am I missing? Thanks! Brynn
  5. B calendar on Blackberry 10

    Hi there, Diane you have already helped me immensely with your articles. Hopefully you can help me here. I've set up an account on Outlook 2013 in order to sync with the calendar. I'm now running into trouble with my Blackberry. The Blackberry will sync to the...