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    Disappointed in Outlook 2007, backup, restore, synch

    1.I AM SO F***ING FRUSTRATED AT OUTLOOK AND ALL THE ALLEGED SUPPORTING [not] apps. 2.First week on the road, updating schedules, contacts, tasks on my laptop after several client meetings and spent an entire evening learning how to do the Companionlink USB-direct synch dance. Backed up to my...
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    Outlook 2007 backup and restore function

    1.In my prior PIM, was able to transfer contact/calendar/note/task data between my desktop and laptop using either a: my WiFi LAN; or, b: flash drive sneakernet. 2.After 5 hrs, have to admit I can't replicate the process in Outlook 2007. "For dummies" doesn't help, the Outlook backup function...
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    Next five calendar days

    Tried "Outlook 07 for Dummies" and CPA to no avail. Would like to be able to print a weekly calendar starting with today and displaying the next 5 days. Printing a weekly calendar on Wednesday which shows the previous appointments for Monday and Tuesday is useless [to me]. When I print Saturday...