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    Changing Colors or Font Styles on the Outlook Bar

    I have several different email accounts that I list on the "Outlook Bar" (the vertical bar with the icons in it at the left side of the screen). I'd like to quickly distinguish between the different email accounts. A great way to do this would be to identify each email account on the Outlook...
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    Saving Incoming & Outgoing Outlook 2010 Email Locally with IMAP

    I want to set up an IMAP account with my existing email account on Outlook 2010. Will you please tell me the sequence of steps to take in order to set it up so that I can save my incoming and outgoing email locally? Thanks.
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    Why Doesn't some Incoming Gmail Doesn't Appear In Outlook?

    Most of the time, it works fine. But I've noticed that when I can't find in Outlook an email that I'm expecting to receive, I can locate it by opening up my Google Gmail account directly. This seems to happen most frequently when I'm looking for a response to an email that I previously sent...
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    How To Change Default View of Tabs in Outlook 2010

    When I open an email in my Inbox, the tab that is displayed is "File." I want the "Message" tab to be displayed by default when I open an email. I want to do this because I prefer the greater amount of commands that show on the "Message" ribbon. How can I make the "Message" tab the...