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    Copy Contact field to Appointment Custom Form Field

    This is proving to be more challenging than I expected. Via the help of this forum I have a custom appointment form and use a VBA macro to copy data from contact fields, to the default appointment fields. How do I copy the "Company" field (from contacts) to a text box field in my custom...
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    How to Copy Multi Select Listbox Data to Appointment

    With the help of various tutorials in this form I am trying to combine input data from several different input types into an outlook appointment item. With your assistance I have been able to include data from both message boxes and list boxes. How do you also include multiple selections from a...
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    Using Data From Combo Box in Appointment Body

    I am attempting to take a different spin on the tutorial below: Select from a List of Subjects before Sending a Message Select from a List of Subjects before Sending a Message I am attempting to utilize this form and macro for adding data to the body of an appointment item. Currently my macro...
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    Addition of 2 fields based on checkboc true or false

    I have an outlook custom form where I would like to set a text box to add the sum of 2 fields based on a checkbox entry being true. Though not a valid formula here is what I am looking to do. "IF [Rate Or After Hours Checkbox]=True THEN [Total Travel Cost]+[Total Labor Cost Rate]"
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    Create an Appointment at the Contact's Address From Email

    Utilizing the following macro written by Diane Poremsky. It has been a great little macro for use in our service department. I have modified the macro a bit to also pull additional information from the contact as well as utilize a couple input boxes to collect data specific to service call...