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    How to get this rule to work

    I've recently added a new email account into Outlook 2019. The account is POP 3, and it cannot be changed to IMAP or Exchange because of the original owner -- long story. I'm trying to move deleted items from this account to my main (Exchange) deleted folder after they are deleted. I can't...
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    Contact Group - Adding Bulk Addresses

    I'm creating a contact group for a community newsletter. We will have 654 email addresses. Is there a fast way to add bulk addresses to this group. For example, it would be great if we could import a comma delimited text file to Outlook 2019 for this? Is this possible?
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    Duplicate Emails on Phone and Tablet

    Hi, I have 2 Microsoft Hosted Exchange (Office 365) email accounts. One is my business account and the other is my personal account. I have them both set-up to put all incoming emails into my Outlook 2007 Inbox so that I don't need to use multiple inboxes. This works just fine with no...
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    Outlook 2016 and Earlier with Office365 in 2021

    Does this mean I am going to have to toss my Outlook 2007 come next November???
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    Outlook 2007 vs. Outlook 2010 -- ToDo Bar

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if there were any changes (even minor ones) to the ToDo Bar from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010? I could have sworn there were some changes but I don't remember what they were. Thanks, Dawn
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    Outlook 2007 on 365

    Hi, I have Outlook 2007 and its been working fine with my account. The main reason I'm not upgrading Outlook 2007 is because of the ToDo Bar, which is not nearly as good in later versions (2013+). I have heard that 2007 may no longer work with by the end of...
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    Outlook Contacts Notes Field Photos to Smartphone

    Hi, I recently went from IOS to Android and I am very happy with this decision. Since Android can do so many more things than IOS, I was surprised when I found a limitation. I currently sync my email, contacts and calendar via Microsoft's Office 365 Exchange accounts to my Samsung S10. The...
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    Exchange to iOS Calendar Search

    Info: Outlook 2007, Microsoft Exchange account, iOS 8, iPhone 6 When I do a calendar search on my iPhone using any iOS calendar app, the search results don't go back more than a year. Using a web browser and logging into my Exchange account I can see multi-year search results for the...
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    Outlook (Office) 2007 & Windows 10 Pro

    I went to Best Buy to look at the MS Surface Book to replace my aging Sony laptop. There was a Microsoft rep there who was helping me with various questions about the machine. I happened to mention that I use Office 2007 and she said it wasn't compatible with Windows 10 Pro. This can't be the...
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    Outlook Notes and Exchange Sync

    After using Microsoft Exchange for a few months with Outlook 2007, I've noticed that everything syncs just fine with the Exchange server except for Notes. I'm not talking about the notes field in Contacts, but the regular notes folder. I called Microsoft and they told me that the Notes folder...
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    Printing Contacts

    Outlook 2007 Looking to print my entire contact list using the Memo style. Only problem is that this style puts each contact on a separate page. Some contacts are really small, so this isn't very efficient. Is there a way to get Outlook to print contact info with multiple contacts on a page...
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    Need Genuine Office or Outlook 2007

    Does anyone know where I can buy a genuine retail (not used) Outlook 2007 or Office 2007? Apparently my Office 2007 Professional sold to me 3 years ago was not genuine, and now I can't reinstall it. Not looking for 2010 or 2013 versions. Thank you!
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    iCloud for Windows v.4x

    Does anyone know if iCloud for windows version 4.x handles calendar alarm/alert syncing with Outlook better than earlier versions?
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    Multiple Exchange Accounts in 2007

    Is it possible to have multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook 2007? I keep getting conflicting answers. One person tell me I can do it, but I wouldn't be able to move emails between the two accounts into different folders. One person says I need to use the delegates feature to do it, and a site...
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    iCloud vs Exchange

    Hi Diane, I've been using iCloud (v. 2.1.3) with Outlook 2007 and Code Two iCloud Sync for a few years now. Aside from from some alarm issues, it's been working well. A friend of mine is using Exchange instead of iCloud and really likes it. I was wondering if you could explain the pros and...
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    User Defined Info Gone

    Diane, I really need your help. I'm using Outlook 2007 with iCloud and Code Two for iCloud. I created custom fields and a custom form. One field I called personal info, and because it was a custom field it would not transfer to my iPhone - which is what I wanted. Anyway, I'm not sure...
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    Outlook Add-In That Calculates Time Based on Area Code

    Is there an Outlook Add-In that can tell you the time or time zone for a contact based on their area code?
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    Great Outlook App That Allows Contact Search from Desktop

    I came to Outlook 2007 a few months ago after using a 20 year old PIM called Ecco. While Ecco had some great features, it just didn't offer a good sync solution with my iPhone, so I decided to ditch Ecco for Outlook (which works with icloud). Anyway, Ecco had this great feature that allowed you...
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    Can't Use Contacts with Mail & iCloud in Outlook 2007

    Hi, Ever since I started syncing with iCloud and Code Two, with Outlook 2007, I can't seem to pull email addresses into a new email from my contacts or icloud folders. When I pull a name using the TO: box, the name shows up sans email address. If I double click on the name it says...
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    Outlook Calendar Display

    Hi, I'm using Outlook 2007 with iCloud via the Code Two iCloud Sync program, and it works very well, but I'm having an odd problem. I like to only view my Outlook Calendar, along with the Outlook ToDo Bar on the right. I keep the navigation pane closed. Whenever I start up Outlook, and...