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    Setting defaults

    Hello Is there a way of setting a particular font, with a particular colour and size as my default in Outlook 2007 when composing a message? Thanks!
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    Server errors Outlook 2007

    Hello I am trying to synchronise my Outlook 2007 desktop application with my online Outlook account. I have Windows 10. To do so I have loaded Outlook on my desktop, selected Tools along the top and then Options / Mail Setup / Email accounts. Then double-click on my Outlook email address and...
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    Deleting multiple accounts

    Hello I am using the Outlook 2007 desktop application. I have to delete all the email addresses of employees from a particular company, so if I have sent a msg to and he then replies, I need to delete from the inbox and sent folders. Then I need to delete...
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    Fonts in Outlook 2007

    Hello When I go to Tools | Options | Stationery and Fonts in Outlook 2007 the button to change fonts is greyed out. Is there a way around this, please, so that my fonts are consistent throughout? Thanks!
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    How to 'really' delete IMAP emails?

    Hello I have an IMAP Hotmail account that I use via Outlook 2007. It's working OK except that when I click on an email in my inbox and select delete, it does not seem to actually be deleted. Sometimes a line appears through the email I want to delete, but I a not sure if it is actually...
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    Headache with Hotmail and Outlook since migration

    Hello I am attempting to configure my desktop Outlook 2007 application with my two Microsoft accounts. One account is a Hotmail account and the other is an Outlook account. For over three months, since Microsoft migrated both accounts to Microsoft Exchange server, I have not been able to use...
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    Configuring MS emails

    Hello My two Microsoft email accounts - one is Hotmail and the other Outlook - have recently been migrated. Usually, I access both of these accounts using MS Outlook 2007 on my desktop via the Outlook Connector. Since the migration, the Connector is redundant, but I have left it installed and...