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    How to access emails found to be located in "Top of Outlook data file"?

    Using Advanced Search, I have finally located some desired emails. Problem is, they are purported to be located in "Top of Outlook data file". (That is what is shown in the "In Folder" column of the search results.) How do I actually access these files in their folder? I can't see any of them...
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    Outlook 2013 Outlook 2013 no longer syncing 1 of 5 IMAP accounts

    I have 5 separate email accounts set up in Outlook 2013. - 3 Gmail, 1 Hotmail and 1 "Sympatico" (which uses the platform, so it looks like Hotmail) - all set up as IMAP. (Win 8.1 PC) Two days ago problems began with the Sympatico account ONLY. (The other 4 are completely...