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    Cannot Synchronize Outlook To Windows Live Hotmail Account

    I just got a new PC (Win7 Pro) and set up Outlook 2007 with my 5 Hotmail accounts and got them all synchronized. It was a beautiful thing. Then I was unexpectedly sent away on business for a month. When I came back and tried to sync my accounts I received the following error message for each...
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    Outlook Connector will not download ALL messages from hotmail accounts

    Hello, I recently set up 2 hotmail accounts in Outlook 2007 and used the Outlook Connector to do it. The problem is that the Outlook Connector will only download about 30% of the email on the server. For one account it will not download anything older than 6/2/2010 and the other account...
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    How to recover old hotmail messages from an .ost file

    Until early 2007 I was using Outlook 2003 to access my Hotmail because I was traveling extensively. I had a major crash with Outlook 2003 and ended up losing all of my email prior to 2007. I ditched Outlook 2003 and started over with Windows Live Mail which I have used ever since. I...