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    iCloud calendar problems, Outlook shuts down immediately

    OK thanks. I will check that if/when it fails again.
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    iCloud calendar problems, Outlook shuts down immediately

    After installing iCloud from the Microsoft Store in Office 365 on Windows 10, the calendar sync runs ok for about a week or two. Then it fails - Outlook will open briefly, for about 1 second, then shut itself down. The only way to get it working is to start Outlook in safe mode, uncheck the...
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    Search not accurate, but not indexing

    I read this today on Woody's, Susan Bradley said: Outlook search issues If you use the desktop version of Outlook, you may have noticed that after the installation of the December updates, Outlook search stopped working (Microsoft note). The January updates have not fixed this issue. Although...
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    Shortcuts in Folder Pane (Outlook 2016)

    Which shortcuts are you referring to?
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    Auto-complete stopped working

    OK good to know. Thanks!
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    Auto-complete stopped working

    I finally got around to checking this yesterday. She has 4 accounts in her profile. So I decided to check which ones had the problem and they are all doing autocomplete correctly now. No idea what changed. I checked for updates like you suggested and Outlook is up to date now. Not sure when it...
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    Auto-complete stopped working

    My wife's auto-complete stopped working about a month ago, she told me today. I checked in Options/Mail/Send and it is still enabled. I went to take a look at the Stream_Autocomplete file and was surprised to see there were two of them, both with today's date although the time was 3 minutes...
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    Moved 6 months worth (approx 1500 emails) lost from moving from TPG inbox to Icloud inbox (folders)

    Is it possible the files are still in TPG, and just ended up in different folders? Have you done a search for some keywords or client names to try to locate them? And how exactly did you move them?
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    Outlook behaving oddly

    Yes thanks. It is working now.
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    Outlook behaving oddly

    My wifes Oulook 2019 suddenly started have all new emails completely blank with no signature, (which had contained a pic and some text). the sig actually seems to be there but cannot be seen, until you start backspacing over it. then it begin appear. Even if I paste or insert a graphic it does...
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    Outlook locking up when replying to Email

    It's kind of a shot in the dark, but you can try changing this setting in Outlook:
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    Outlook 2016 Message-ID oddity/inconsistency?

    I think you are right, it is an Outlook 2003 issue. Here is an article from 16 years ago
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    Outlook 2016 Message-ID oddity/inconsistency?

    I just realized my reply above was incomplete. It should have said that the address shown was "at the end of the message ID." Which you probably realized I meant. Anyway, I have tried to reproduce the odd message id you are seeing and cannot make it happen. You seem to imply that it only...
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    Outlook 2016 Message-ID oddity/inconsistency?

    My hotmail-sent emails have at the end. You might get more responses if you tell people how you are viewing the message id in the header.
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    Accepted meetings do not get the default reminder

    Outlook 2016. IMAP account from Godaddy. When a meeting is accepted, the default reminder does not appear. If you open the calendar event and look at Reminder, it says "None". But the Default Reminder option is set to 15 minutes, and on other email accounts in the same profile it works fine...
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    Sending email from outlook IMAP to GMAIL where embedded images are added as attachment

    In the New Message dialog, on the toolbar, try Insert>Pictures
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    Outlook 2016 Outlook crashes when trying to print certain emails

    There's probably a more sophisticated solution, but how about using the Snipping Tool to take screenshot and print that? You may have to use Teamviewer (or even Facetime) to help him if he is computer challenged.
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    Outlook 2016 Outlook crashes when trying to print certain emails

    Maybe if he printed to PDF, then opened and printed the PDF file?
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    Pin a document to the "Attach file" Recent Documents list

    I've got a friend who frequently has to post a file with directions to emails when she sends them. But that file never seems to show up in the Recent Documents in the Attach File dialog. Is there a way to pin the file to the Recent Documents list so it stays at the top? Thanks