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  1. D.Moore

    SendAndReceive question

    Hi, I would like to ask your kind help with SendAndReceive. I know how to in itiate SendAndReceive programmatically, and I also now how to schedule itl. BUT May I ask if anyone knows if such thing, like, e.g: Private Sub Application_SendAndReceive() exist to add to ThisOutlookSession to...
  2. D.Moore

    VB script to Digitaly Sign newly created outlook message

    Dear Diane, May I ask your kind help on the following issue: I have multiply "Send As" emails to use as "From" when sending emails. For some of them, I had purchased a certificate to be able to sign the emails when I am using those. Problem is, that this function on the screenshot below is not...
  3. D.Moore

    PickFolder dialog "extension"

    Dear Diane, May I ask your help how (if at all) possible to extend the functionality of the pickfolder dialog with a "Don't Send Message" button ? In more detail what i am aiming for: This is the code (thanks to you) what i use to select in which folder to save the message before I send it...
  4. D.Moore

    VBA script fail after Office 365 update

    Dear Diane, After all update since 12730.20236 (including the latest one), this code not running anymore (though it was working perfectly in the last 2 years). I tried to debug it, and it seems, that can not resolve the shared mailbox (though nothing changed on the mailbox and if I restore a...
  5. D.Moore

    Folder view settings by VBA macro

    Hi! May I ask your kind help with a problem I am struggling with: I have couple hunders of mail fodlers in outlook, and I would like to create a VBA code, which: 0. Manually executed/run. 1. Pops up a Folder Pickup dialog, somethign like this: Sub PickFolder() Dim xNameSpace As NameSpace...
  6. D.Moore

    Macro quetsions

    Hi! I would like to ask your kind help on a VBA macro problem. I would like to achieve the following 4 tasks: 1. When I send a message in Outlook, a form pops-up requesting to select the folder, where I want to move save/move the message instead of the Sent Items folder. 2. When the...