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    How Can I Change Owner of Custom Contact?

    I use a olTask property in my custom olContact form. The property is labeled “Owner” I cannot seem to change that property in my custom form programmatically. Can someone tell me what method/property I would use to change that olTask property in my custom olContact form?
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    Controlling/Changing owner of a Custom Contact item

    What property I can use to change the owner of a custom contact item? Or, stated another way: How do I change the owner of a custom contact item in VBA? I have your “getCurrentItem” function and am using that to initiate my custom contact item. Thanks so much. Really...
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    Custom Contacts: Linking button to website

    Trying to edit custom contact form so user hits a button which takes them to a website. Problem is the macro works, but the button doesn't. Note that I have not bound the buttons to any fields because I don't know which field type to use. Can you see anything that would cause this? Using...
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    Contacts: Assigning followup date by category

    Is it possible to set the same followup flag date for all contacts within a category, so that when I send a mail merge email to everyone in that category, I do not have to then have to go back into each one and set the next followup date? Thanks so much!