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  1. JimR

    Outlook 2013 BCM not working

    I am about to give up on this piece of c*** BCM software! After installing my Outlook 2013 just hangs at loading profile. Then I got it working yesterday by reinstalling BCM and I started to input the first couple of BCM contacts and get to know the system. Today it hangs again at loading...
  2. JimR

    Copy or move contacts into BCM?

    I got Office 2013 installed (what a terribly boring look it has!) and installed BCM. Everything seems to work and now I am starting the process of getting a few hundred contacts into BCM. I am confused about the copy/move concept, it seems that Outlook contacts and BCM contacts are in different...
  3. JimR

    BCM 2010 or 2013

    Hello all, new forum user here! I have a one-man engineering consultant business with about 150 (existing and potential) clients and I would like to get a better CRM tool than I have today (which is nothing really except the note field in contacts and attempts to use the Journal with mixed...