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    Outlook 2003: Help with setting up a macro to reply to selected emails

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with writing the code, and with the actual series of mouse clicks I need to take to set up the macro (as I am relatively new to this), to do the following: I want click on an email (without opening it), then just run a macro that sits on...
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    Outlook 2010: Cannot save forms templates to folder list

    Hello, I have designed a couple of forms in Outlook 2010 (both customised Contacts forms), gone File, Save As, named them, as 'Outlook Template' under Save As Type box, saved to my H drive (NOT to the default templates location otherwise I won't be able to find them to do what I try to do...
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    Outlook 2010: How do you enable Contacts' Activities to search archive folders

    How do you enable Contacts' Activities to search archive folders (.pst files) in Outlook 2010? Thanks
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    Out of Office message and Outlook 2003 shutdown

    Hello, I have a question concerning the 'out of office' function in v2003, on Exchange Server. I have heard that it is possible to set it up so that it will automatically turn on whenever I log off my computer. How do I do that? Many thanks :-)
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    Outlook 2007: Shared Tasks not displaying on my To-Do Bar

    Hi there, I am on exchange server. I have full access to a colleague's Mailbox (i.e. full 'Delegate' access-ie the highest level and also with 'Permission' level set at highest). The problem I have is that when I turn on this person's Calendar, and turn off my own Calendar, with the To-Do Bar...
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    Outlook 2007 Rules randomly stopping working (non-Exchange Server)

    Hi there I’ve had a few issues with my home (i.e. non-Exchange Server) Outlook 2007 Rules randomly stopping working. The types of Rules that stop working are just ones where I have emails diverting drectly to folders. Basically, they are set up but then randomly stop working so I...