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  1. Hudas

    VBA find and open an email without looping thru each email in the inbox

    Hi - I was able to get the unique identifer for an email using the below property. Now, what I'm hoping to achieve is to use this property to search for the email and open it without looping thru each email in the Inbox. As of today there are atleast 14,000 emails in the inbox thats why looping...
  2. Hudas

    Ms Outlook Default From

    Hi - I have multiple Mailbox in my profile. How do i make it so that one of my mailbox will be the default FROM whenever I create a new email? Thank you Jun
  3. Hudas

    Outlook VBA script reverting back to previous changes

    Hello! We are using virtual desktop. We have Outlook 2010 installed and I have scripts written in Outlook VBA. I am still working with my scripts and I always save after I made any changes. Its just when I close my outlook and logout of the virtual desktop and I log back in to virtual desktop...
  4. Hudas

    MS Outlook VBA: Get the reply date and time.

    Hi - I have a database that records all incoming emails. Now, I want to determine what date and time an email was replied and put in the database so that I can have the duration for time the email was received and replied. Can anyone please give me an idea?or point me to the right...
  5. Hudas

    Run Macro when an Email is received

    Hello... My outlook profile set up, but aside from that I have another profile which is a Group Mail Box added to me. My question is how do I run a macro when we received an email to the group mailbox. We are using an exchange server. I've tried the Application_NewMailEx but its just...
  6. Hudas

    Hyperlink Saved Outlook Email to MS Access Table

    Hi! I am hoping someone could help me with my problem or could point me to the right direction. When an Email is received in MS Outlook, the details(Entry ID, Sender, ReceivedTime etc) of that email is saved in a MS Access table. And because there is no way for us to create .PST files...
  7. Hudas

    Import Outlook Emails(Inbox) to MS Access as Attachment

    Good Day Everyone!! This is my first post in this forum, I am hoping someone could help me. How do I Import Outlook Emails specifically from the Inbox to MS Access as an actual attachment using VBA? Is this even possible? I would really appreciate it if you can give me your insight...