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  1. Wotme

    VBA to block senders

    Hi Using pre-set rules I delete certain emails that I consider spam, but I would also like to block those senders at the same time. Does anyone know if its possible using VBA code or otherwise, it would be really helpful Chris
  2. Wotme

    Cant delete a task in task folder

    Hi, thanks looking and hope you can help I have 2 tasks listed in my task folder that just won't delete! I can rename them, I can't open them, I can't delete them, I can't move them and if I try to open them Outlook crashes and restarts. Arrrgh Any ideas how to get rid these without...
  3. Wotme

    code to run outlook add-in

    Hi, I haveCodeTwo folder sync installed, which works as I require except it requires amanual start , is there a code which would run it?
  4. Wotme

    Syntax for user defined field in VBA

    Hello thanks for looking I hope you can help In the code below I can set standard Outlook fields, can someone tell me how I refer to a user-defined field so I can set the value of that field. For example my user-defined field is called "contact type" . I'm sure it's not a matter of using the...
  5. Wotme

    Creating a Outlook task in Excel

    Hi, and thanks for looking I have been using a code in Excel to create a task in Outlook. On my PC it works perfectly. The spreadsheet is for others to use on different PCs and laptops. When they use the spreadsheet instead of creating a task it sends an email, with the information, i.e...