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    Outlook 2016 Auto-archive creates new folder

    I am using the latest version of Outlook 365 with a number of IMAP accounts. I have set the auto-archive function to use an archive.pst in a location of my choosing. Every time auto-archive runs I get a new 'Archives' folder created that has an archive.pst data file located in my...
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    Outlook 365 - Folder pane list clears

    I am using Outlook 365 on Windows 10 64bit all up to date with the latest updates. My issue is that regularly (a number of times a day) the list of folders in the folder pane clears. Sometimes everything disappears, sometimes the odd folder remains. When I mouse over the list, it refreshes...
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    Outlook 2013 IMAP folder showing 0KB file size

    I have an Outlook 2013 issue, which I see others have had, whereby one of the folders of my IMAP account is showing every message as 0Kb in size and failing to show whether there is an attachment. The mails in this folder are placed there by a rule on receipt. I have Outlook 2013 installed on...