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    Reading Pane has disappeared

    Hi All, Outlook 2010 was working fine, but at some point yesterday when I opened it the Reading Pane had disappeared. I then set it appear to the right, which it did. I closed and re-opened Outlook and it had gone again. Also, the Reset View button is greyed out, which suggests to me that the...
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    Strange Send/Receive count

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been covered previously, but I have looked and cannot find it. I am using Office 2010 (all components). I am doing a mail-merge using a Word document as the document to be sent and An Excel sheet contains the recipients to be merged. Currently this is a test...
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    Outlook reply to Gmail prints gobbledygook

    Hi all, My sister sent me an email using Gmail. I replied to it using Outloook. She printed my reply. The portion of my reply containing her original message printed fine, but the portion containing my reply printed gobbledygook. She has printed replies from other senders and they are fine...