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    Anyone tell me where custom view settings are stored?

    I had an issue recently which necessitated creating a new profile and adding my existing mail accounts into it (old profile deleted). Custom forms were gone but I knew how to resurrect them, not so with custom views - they are also gone but I've no idea if they are stored somewhere or whether I...
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    Sending email from Office 365 alias in Outlook

    My 'Microsoft 365 for Business' account contains two domains. A user has a primary email address and an alias to reflect the second domain. In the desktop Outlook app mail is received from both domains into the primary domains inbox (but can be identified by the 'To' address) However it appears...
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    Is a sub folder under contacts necessary to be able to name an Address Book?

    Posted this some time ago but received no responses:- I have two accounts in my Outlook profile, and both have a 'Contacts' folder. They are easily distinguishable in Outlook itself (desktop version) were the email address is appended to the folder name,, but when using an external app (Ring...
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    Renaming Address Book

    I have two accounts in my Outlook profile, and both have a 'Contacts' folder. They are easily distinguishable in Outlook itself (desktop version) which shows the account name, but when using external app (Ring Central to be exact) the name of the Address Book is used , which is 'Contacts'in...
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    Problem with custom form including _DocSiteControl1

    Intending to edit a custom form, I inadvertently opened an existing record rather than the new item form (a few years since I developed the forms!). I have done so before on occasions and have simply been able to go into each field and blank out the unwanted data before publishing (without...
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    Conditional formatting - font sizes

    This seems like a really basic issue so it's probably been answered many times - apologies in advance. When changing the font in a message list view to 8pt Arial in OL2013 the choices for the conditional formatting of unread messages are: smaller, normal, big and bigger. If I select 'normal' I...
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    Move Personal Forms Library

    Had to reinstall OS and data -Win 8/Office2013 - all good up until OL2013 custom forms - naively perhaps I thought I could just copy the backed up AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS folder over the existing folder - wrong! Is there any way of doing this? ('instaling' the forms needs a 'cfg' file...
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    ActivitiesTab in OL2000 - same functionality in OL2013?

    In OL2000 I was able to view all items in a given folder for a contact using the 'activities' tab, and I used this to see all 'bookings' (which were actually calendar items) for a contact - OL2013 doesn't have this feature, is there any way I can achieve this functionality?