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    Disabling "Myxxx" naming

    Hello, how do I disable the conversion of displaying my actual name to "Mydomain"? This is occuring on a corporate Exchange email account. Can this be disabled locally, or only through Exchange settings? The client is Outlook on Microsoft 365, current updates, Windows 10 64bit Pro. No data on...
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    Outlook 2016 Moving IMAP emails to Exchange

    O365/Outlook: I have two folders in the IMAP Inbox of which the emails won't populate when copied or moved to the 0365 Exchange ( folder Inbox. However, the rest of the folders in the Inbox did move over and populate. What can I do to resolve this?
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    Outlook won't open. PST file busy.

    Hello - I'm stuck. User sees intermittent (but all to often) error stating Outlook 2013 unable to open. PST file is in use. User can restart the laptop numerous times without this problem stopping. I've run scanpst upon ocassion, without success. Just read that Diane suggests running it...