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    To Do bar showing incorrect due dates on tasks

    My Outlook 2010 To Do Bar is showing task due dates incorrectly. For example, it (correctly) shows 2 items due on Monday, July 8, and then two more also due Monday, July 8, except the second two are set with due dates of Tuesday, July 9. The same thing happens for Thursday, July 11/Friday, July...
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    Rules stop running automatically

    I setup a rule to move mail that comes into the inbox for one account into the inbox for another. This saves me from having to check mail in multiple inboxes. The problem is, it works sometimes, but not always. If I open rules manager and manually tell outlook to run the rules, it does so no...
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    Archiving folders outside of Outlook to reduce PST file size

    I'm a freelance commercial writer and to keep myself organized I've created a slew of individual folders in the Outlook Filing Cabinet -- one for each individual client (probably around a hundred or so)--where I keep project-related details. I probably keep way too much, but I don't want to...