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    Task has a strike through but is not complete - how to remove?

    I have a task that somehow got a strike through and cannot seem to get rid of it. The task is not complete but it thinks it is? How can I change or get rid of the strike through? Did I mark it complete somehow ? It shows a check mark on the side, but it is still in progress.... confused.
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    Task auto update to shared group?

    I have a shared folder setup for managing service tasks for our company. Three other people currently see this. When someone adds information to the task does it/can it alert the shared group a change has been made? or would I have to email them to go look. Also - can the fields be modified...
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    Email not replied to reminder - aka boomerang?

    Hi, While unemployed I used my gmail account more and installed a free plug-in called boomerang. It provided a function that tracked an email I sent and looked for a reply from the recipient. You could pick from hours to days... based on various criteria like "if no reply". Boomerang would...
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    All mail folder like gmail?

    So - I may not be thinking about this in the right way. I have recently started a new job where that uses outlook again. I have been a gmail user for about a month and I have seem to forgotten how to use outlook.... One of the things I like about gmail is the ability to move things to the...
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    Flag for Follow up or create new task

    Hi, I am confused about the difference between flagging something or creating a new task. I have a quick step setup where from an email I create a new task with the content of the email. I can also use flag the email for follow up which essentially is the same thing. I have a feeling I am...
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    Create an email brochure - oft file?

    Hi, I am looking to create an email brochure that is a one time use mailer. I would like it to have graphics embedded and will personalize it to each person who receives it. The volume will be low like 4-5 per day. I tired to use publisher but it cannot save to an .oft file that outlook...
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    Sort taks by folder then by date?

    Hi all, In tasks I have them sorted by folder which works fine. I would like hose tasks to be organized by due date within the folders. I set up a custom sort by folder then by date the folder breakout collapses. any ideas?
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    All task folders not in To-D0 list....

    Hi, I am creating different folders in my tasks to organize my work to-do, personal to-do, and have yet others for larger projects where I want to break the steps into smaller pieces. The problem is these other folders do not all sorts together it the to-do list view. How can I add them?
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    Nested or Hierarchical tasks in Outlook 2010?

    Hi, Is there a way to add nested tasks to outlook 2010? I was thinking there would be a simple add-in that would allow this. Thanks in advance for any/all help. Tom