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    Outlook 2000 slow

    I am using Outlook 2000 with XP SP3 on my workstation. I have Outlook 2000 installed on other machines and it runs much faster. After reading old threads, I started Outlook in safe mode and it ran much faster. It seems to only be slow when there is a window open like when I double click to...
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    Sync laptop without using VPN

    I have a laptop that is running outlook 2000. My server is running Server 2003 with exchange. When in the office, I can connect to my server via cable and sync all my outlook folders to my laptop. All works well. I am running outlook in corporate/workgroup mode. I recently changed my cable...
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    Saving outlook emails in html and attachments

    I send a lot of emails with Outlook 2000 in html format. Most of my emails have attachments. I needed to prove which attachment was attached to an email many months ago after I had cleaned out my sent items folder. I have 100 different subfolders on my desktop and all sent and received...