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    Outlook VBA error extracting property data from GetRules collection

    I created an Outlook VBA macro to allow the user to automatically create/run a rule to move the currently selected or opened email to a user-selected Outlook folder path. It will only create the rule if it doesn't already exists, and in either case it will prompt to run the rule on all message...
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    Archive by receive date not working

    I have Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. In my scenario, I'm trying to archive emails dated ('receive date') over 3 years from today's date (I have added the registry entry regarding 'modified date' mentioned here: AutoArchiving by Received Date in Outlook). The PST file is large (just under 50gb)...
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    Outlook 2010 hangs during message send/receive

    Outlook 2010 (with latest updates) hangs while getting new messages or attempting to delete messages (with auto-send/rcv turned off). Here's what I've tried so far (with no success): chkdsk /f - no errors found - retried Outlook - same failure MBAM (MalwareBytes) - no malware found - fail...
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    Trying to repair Outlook rules

    Is there a way to fix a large set of 'broken' Outlook 2010 rules (with VBA, if necessary)? I had a user who had rules that referenced another PST file (moved messages to it by rule depending on a condition). He was trying to restore items back to that secondary PST file, but he closed it in...
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    Outlook IMAP issues

    I'm using Outlook 2010 on Win7 and I've recently converted from a POP3 email account to an IMAP account and I'm experiencing a number of issues and I don't know how to solve, although I've noted some workarounds. From what I've been able to research, it appears Outlook 2010 support of IMAP is...
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    Unable to transfer rules from one Outlook computer to another

    I have 1 computer (my primary desktop) running Outlook 2010 with the default PST file associated with a POP3 acct and another IMAP mailbox. I have migrated a copy of all my POP3 emails to my IMAP account (in pieces, so Outlook won't hang during such a large transfer to an IMAP server). I have...