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    O2010: Search for email using folderpath

    I get a lot of use from search folders and searches for email with advanced find, etc. I want to create a search folder to see only my important email from today. Of course we can just look for Today. But now to what's important... I have folders Inbox\Lists and dozens of folders under...
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    OL2010 - choosing to not save inline images

    In OL2003 and 2010 we can choose to not automatically download linked images when we open HTML e-mail. I like it a lot as it reduces PST size. Now in v2003 we could open an email outside of the reading pane, get the images, and then close the email item - but the images were not saved into...
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    Improving synchronization of Outlook with ... everything else

    Look for a way to sync Outlook with Google docs, devices, or other services you'll undoubtedly find some utility or service claiming to do the job. Anyone who has tried one of these will find immediately that some things simply don't work properly. Let's assume that we're not missing or...
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    Need decent intro to BCM for Outlook users

    As a user/developer for Office/Outlook since before 2000, I've only attempted to look at BCM once. That attempt several years ago failed because of issues related to installation order, at that time BCM didn't recognize .NET 2 if .NET 3 was installed first, or some such folly. Looking in this...
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    Inbound email filtering beyond Rules

    It looks like microsoft.public.outlook is largely inactive so I'm reposting this here. I used to post in the SlipStick forum but this is my first posting here. I apologize if this isn't the right place for this inquiry. I'd like to understand how Outlook 2010 Rules have improved over v2003...