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    Save vs Archiving

    Our IT Department has set up our Outlook to delete emails that are 120 days old, if they are not archived. We are not very familiar with Outlook so we could use some help. If we archive them, where do they go? Can they be archived or saved in the same folder they are stored in? I hope you see...
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    Background Color Is An Issue

    I have a nice blue background on my outgoing emails. On some of my emails that I get replies from, my background will take up a lot of unneeded space. It is like it has a set size and added text, from the replier, will not print until it reaches the end of my blue section. Any ideas as to how I...
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    Hyperlinks Will Not Display Web Page

    I'm new. I haven't been able to find the answer yet to this problem. When I click on a hyperlink in Outlook 2010, it does one of two things. 1. If IE8 is open, the hyperlink opens. 2. If IE8 is not open, I get the message that this webpage will not display and the button to diagnose...