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  1. Chris Grew

    How Long To Install BCM

    Hi All, Not sure I understand this forum as a lot of posts don't seem to get any answers. But, just in case someone is reading this, I am trying to install BCM 2013 on an i3 processor laptop with Windows 8. I have a green screen with curse and revolving timer (dots) which has been going for...
  2. Chris Grew

    Adding 2nd Email Address

    Hi All, Another question. I have, as mentioned elsewhere, imported 15,000 contacts into BCM. Some of the contacts have changed companies, but I want to keep relevant email data stored against their record. Can I add a 2nd email address and link the old emails to it as well as the primary...
  3. Chris Grew

    Sharing BCM Database

    Hi All, Newbie here. Having discovered and just installed BCM on a new Surface Pro 3, running Windows 8.1 and Office 365, I am looking to use this as a small company database for CRM purposes. I have used Maximizer for many years since it was a DOS programme, but have found I use it's...