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    Is it possible to go from BCM Office 13 back to BCM Office 2010?

    After dealing with Microsoft for WAAAY too many hours and still not getting Office 2013 installed correctly (due to the goofy streaming download POS) I have decided to go back to Office 2010. However all my BCM was done in Office 13 (I know this doesn't make sense but work with me...) Is...
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    Will BCM work with any Office 2013?

    I have been trialing Office 2013 Professional Plus. Now that its time to purchase I'm wondering if I can go with the "Home & Business" version and still be able to install/run BCM. I don't need all the pieces of Pro Plus and it's significantly more expensive. TIA Michael
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    BCM 13 & Integrated Email Mktg?

    Are there any services available that integrate email mktg with BCM 13? while I admit I haven't yet attempted the Mass Email in BCM a search doesn't offer much info other than using such will convert all html to plain text messaging. I'm currently using Campaigner for my email mktg but trying...
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    Other BCM - Outlook sync issues

    Seems like my day for trying to resolve problems... The problem is with syncing and duplicate contacts created in non original source contact folders. I have found that if I create a new BCM lead record from a contact record which is a subfolder nested in the account's (the exchange acct...
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    RE-install of BCM and previous sync profile conflicts

    As per instructions from this forum I did a OS re-install with the related outlook 13/BCM re-install. I restored the backup file taken immediately prior to the SO re-install. However when I attempt to set up sync I get the message "Another Outlook profile is set up to sync Biz Contacts with this...
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    What is BCM written in?

    Other than the Sql 2008 component, what is BCM written in? I'm beginning to be of the mindset the only way I will get what I want need is to do it myself (or hire someone to do it for me.) However I'm at a loss as to what language BCM is written in. Can someone help with this information...
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    x86 vs. x64 Sql Server 08 Dbase Questions

    What, if any, are the advantages of running Sql Server 08 x64 over x86? Will a BCM dbase created with x86 Sql Server 08 open or restore to x64 dbase? Does the version of Office 13 (x86 vs. x64) one is using determine which version of Sql Server 08 one uses for BCM? TIA Michael
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    What are best practices for a re-install Office 13 w/BCM with OS re-install

    I need to do a re-install of Windows 7 OS. This will be a completely clean install on newly formatted clean partition. With that in mind what are best practices relative to BCM. I will back up the dbase using the built in backup tool right before I shut things down. Is there anything else I need...
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    BCM 2013 Training Sources

    What do folks suggest for BCM training? Are there sites with specific courses? I've looked at the vids on YouTube and they're (IMHO) not very good. Looking for some help here os I can learn how to use all that BCM has to offer. Thx Michael
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    BCM Dbase Issues (both not seeing dbase & not allowing restore for wrong owner

    Here's the scenario... Clean install of Win7 x64 & Office 2013/BCM. Create dbase for bcm named "Torque" Used bcm for a day and did a backup of bcm. Then issues with Adobe patches require new install of OS so full new clean install of Win7 x64 & Office 2013/BCM. (fwiw, clean install means the OS...
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    BCM 13 added leads to an outlook 13 contact subfolder

    OS this makes sense, I have a large number of contact sub folders in OL for various purposes; product dealers, competitors' dealers, dealer prospects from one source, dealers prospects from another source, etc. So with that in mind... I first added (copied) a number of contacts from...
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    Outlook 2013 not holding bottom navigation settings

    Every time I open outlook 13 w/BCM the navigation setting I set previously are lost and it reverts back to default. i.e. I set for the following... Mail BCM Calendar People Tasks Notes Folders shortcuts ... And when I re-open (doesn't matter whether I reboot or not) the order is back to...