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    Autofill addresses

    I have two laptops with Outlook 2019 running on Windows 10. One laptop has a single contacts folder, and when I start typing a name or email address in the To field in a new email on this laptop, it automatically pops up contacts with matching names or addresses from the contacts folder, as...
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    Ignore slow add-ins

    When I open Outlook 2019, it keeps showing a message that an add-in caused Outlook to start slowly. The one or two seconds that the add-in takes to load is negligible, and I have set it as "Always enable", and there is an option to suppress monitoring this for 7 or 30 days, but is there a way to...
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    Simplified ribbon missing

    A couple of weeks ago, I purchased two new laptops with Windows 10 and Office 2019, and in Outlook, on both laptops, the arrow button ("caret") at the lower right corner of the ribbon said "Switch Ribbons. Switch between the Classic Ribbon and the Simplified Ribbon" when I hovered over it, and...
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    Repeated password prompts

    I am setting up Outlook 2019 on a Windows 10 laptop. I have three email accounts, all downloading email from a server via POP. I do not have the passwords saved (and do not want to), and when I click on Send/Receive the first time after opening Outlook, it prompts for the passwords as expected...
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    Account sequence when checking mail

    What determines the sequence in which accounts are checked when you check the mail? I have five accounts, and they aren't checked either in alphabetical order or in the order that they are listed in File > Account Settings.
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    Folder layout

    I run manual archiving yearly, which creates a new PST file with a copy of the main folder tree for each year. The main folder tree has the standard layout; i.e., a group of four folders with special icons (Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items), then all other folders in alphabetical order...
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    Search for attachment filename

    In Outlook 2010, how can I search the inbox (or any other folder) for messages that have an attachment with a specified filename; e.g., "myfile.pdf", or "myfile" (with any extension) or *.pdf" (any pdf file)?
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    Rule option

    I have a rule that moves emails into a specified folder if the subject contains specified keywords. Is it possible to make a rule that operates only of the subject *starts* with specified keywords? For example, I want to include emails that start with "Quotation" or "Order", but not ones that...
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    Scan PST results

    We have been using Outlook 2010 for three users (on Windows Server 2008 R2) for a couple of years with no problems, but when I used Outlook's manual archiving function the other day, it worked fine for one user with a PST file around 300 MB but kept crashing before it got half-way through for...
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    Converting from Outlook Express to Outlook 2013

    I have numerous emails in Outlook Express on an old desktop running Windows XP, and I want to transfer them to Outlook 2013 on a new laptop running Windows 8.1. What is the best way to do this?
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    Archiving by year

    I did a manual archive of the top folder and all subfolders, with the date set to 1 Jan 2015, which correctly created a yearly archive PST file with the same folder structure as the main PST file, containing all emails from 2014. (I also set the "ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiedTime" parameter in the...
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    Cannot delete spurious folder

    I am running Outlook 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2. After doing manual archiving, the Archive section now contains an empty folder named "&Don't prompt me about this again", but the Delete option is greyed out. (A couple of these folders appeared, but all except this last one could be...
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    Searching multiple folders

    I am using Outlook 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2. My old emails are in yearly archive PST files, which have the same folder structure as the main PST file. Is there a way to search for any emails in any folders in any year (i.e., in any open PST file) that contain the search word? When I set...
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    Sorting messages by read/unread status

    I am using Outlook 2010 on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2. I want to sort the inbox and other folders first by read/unread status, then by received date. 1. I can sort by received date by clicking on the Received column heading, or by setting "Sort items by = Received" in the View...
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    Windows desktop search not available

    We are using Outlook 2010 under Windows Server 2008 R2. At the bottom right of Outlook is the message "Windows Desktop Search is not available". Should Windows Desktop Search normally be available, and if so, how can we fix this, or if not, how can we clear the message?
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    One contact with two addresses

    We are migrating from Eudora 7 to Outlook 2010. Some of our contacts have more than one email address, and in Eudora we can save one contact with two addresses, then when we select that one contact from the address book, both addresses are included in the To field. How can we do this in Outlook...
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    Default template

    I need a way to include a preset Bcc address on all new messages and replies. I understand that I can include a Bcc address in a template and select the template manually, but is it possible to set up a default template that is used for all new messages and replies automatically? I...
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    Automatic Bcc

    Is it possible to set up Outlook so that all outgoing emails include a Bcc to a certain address? I tried this, but it did not work (there were no errors, but a Bcc was not sent). To automatically Bcc all outgoing messages
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    Copying setups for mutiple users

    I am setting up Outlook 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Outlook is installed on the server and is used by four users who log on via remote desktop connections. I understand that most of the setup details for each user (including mailboxes, addresses, rules, and categories) are stored in a...
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    Reply with template

    We are changing our email system from Eudora 7 to Outlook 2010. In Eudora, we can reply to an email using a template. We want to do the same in Outlook. We have set up templates as .oft files and can use them to create new emails, but we want to use them to reply to received emails; i.e., the...