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    Can't locate in Outlook custom form where is message from

    When Outlook Custom form posting to Exchange server, user get email, which does not exist in custom form script. Can't understand where this email coming from. Can it coming immediately from Exchange server? I need modify or get rid of this email and I don't know how.
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    Outlook Toolbar disabled

    My small custom form worked fine with Outlook 2007. After very minor changes I did (Just modified list for combo box) Outlook toolbar disabled after user open custom form in Outlook and user can't send attachment to the form. What it could be?
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    Update Item.Subject property

    When user click "Save" button my Custom Form saved in Outlook Public folder with fields From and Subject. I want to append some text to the Item.Subject property to have "Subject" field updated in the Outlook folder after custom form saved. This is example of my code: Function Item_Write()...
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    Font for Tab Page in Mutipage Control

    How to change Font Size for Tab Page in Mutipage control in Outlook Costom Form?
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    Date validation in Outlook Custom Form

    In my Outlook Custom Form I have Date field and using function IsDate in Item_Write event to validate if user typed valid Date in textbox, when he try to save custom form with invalid date. But instead of my message when user typed invalid date in textbox, standard Microsoft Outlook message...
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    Item_Write = False don't prevent custom form from closing

    I am using validation in Item_Write function of my custom form, if error use MsgBox function and after it use Item_Write = False Exit Function to exit fromItem_Write event and keep form opened. But form closed and after it, message from MsgBox pop-up. I happened after form was...
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    Opening a saved Outlook customized form the same folder

    After putting in my customized form all items I needed, I published my form in one of the Outlook public folder. Then I redesigned my form and published it again to the same folder. When I use Tools->Forms->Choose Form.. command to open form (or use New from Outlook toolbar), I get customized...
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    Opening a saved Outlook customized form after moving it to another folder

    After putting in my customized form all code I needed, I published my form. The way our organization works with form, is that the published form opened in the same folder as published, user fill out all items and then form approved by his manager and saved in the same folder. In Item_Open event...