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    Using "check for duplicates" for existing contacts

    Is there a way to use Outlook's "check for duplicates" feature to compare 2 existing contacts rather than a new contact and an existing contact?
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    Quick Access view in File Explorer when saving attachments

    When I file/save email attachments, I would like the default view in the File Explorer to be the top of list of folders in the Quick Access list. Instead the default view locates further down in the folder list at Local Disk (C:). Is there a way to control this? I am using Outlook 2013 with...
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    Shortcut for attaching the same file repeatedly

    I frequently attach one specific file to outgoing messages (i.e., it is the same file every time). I am looking for a short cut for doing this. I have already put the attach-file command on the quick access bar. Unfortunately, I do not want to put the text into the body of the message because...