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    Combined inbox outlook 2016

    Hello Yasemin, Choosing “Existing Outlook Data File” while creating a new Outlook seems a workaround of this query. As per as I Know Outlook does not come up with any such inbuilt feature to unified Outlook Data Files. Cheers Clark Kent
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    How to recover deleted MS Outlook OST file?

    Hello Brain, In addition to Daine’s answer, I would like to add one more thing and that is “Dumpster” feature. As you said, you had OST file that means you were connected to Exchange Server. You just need to contact to Server Administrator and they will give your data back, only if they have...
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    Outlook PST not opening

    From my stand of point, you should try some other manual ways to sort out the bug before going for a software. This error just does not occur becaue of corrupt PST file. It also popped out when the settings of navigation file gets corrupted or because of corrupted Outlook profile and others too...
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    Sending Excel Charts in the Body of an Email

    Hi Mika, It is quite simple, just insert the excel sheet in the message body of emails using the given below path and then paste all the details on it: New Mail >> Insert >> Table >> Excel Spreadsheet Thanks Clark Kent
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    Automatically updates outlook 2011 address book

    Hi Lke, If you are looking alternative solutions of, then you should go with your need and convenience. But, I can share some links which I personally think are best for you (on behalf of my personal experience). At...
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    change meeting organizer of recurring meeting without cancellnig

    Hii No, you can't change the organizer. If you want to change the organizer then you’ll need to delete it and make a new one.
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    Restore Deleted Folders and Emails in .pst

    Hi Friend, In addition of Daine Poremsky’s comment, I would like to highlight the feature of MS-Exchange which helps to recover the deleted items. It is called “Dumpster” in Exchange, which can revert back your permanently lost emails of Micorosft Outlook. But, there is also a drawback with...
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    Paragraph formatting in blank messages/stationery

    Welcome, We (Outlook Forums) are always for your help!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Clark Kent
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    Paragraph formatting in blank messages/stationery

    Hi Friend, In Outlook 2013, you can change the default spacing of paragraph by following the given steps: New Email >> Format Text >> Change Styles >> Paragraph Spacing >> Custom Paragraph Spacing In “Custom Paragraph Spacing” option, you can apply the required spacing according to...
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    Outlook 2013 and sync problems

    Hi Terryede, There are numbers of factor which can cause such synchronizing issues with Microsoft Outlook and other devices while dealing with an IMAP account. 1.) Root Folder path for IMAP account 2.) Subscribe the Root folder 3.) Wrong settings of Outlook profile For more, you can take...
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    cannot expand the folder outlook 2007 pst

    Hi Kouzel, Either Outlook PST file has been damaged or corrupted. You should try a repair (scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool). For more about scanpst.exe: Note:Improve community discussions by marking the answers helpful. Thanks & Regards Clark Kent
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    Replies To Emails Get Copied To Inbox

    Hi Abradaxis, Go with Daine’s suggestion and disable or uncheck the “In folders than the Inbox” from the “Advanced E-mail Options” in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Hope it will work!!!! Thanks Clark Kent
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    deleted email archives

    Hi Henry, If you are connected with an exchange server, then there is a function called Dumpster through which you can get back your emails. But keep in mind, you can only get back the mails which exist under the retention period. If the emails has been crossed the limit of the retention...
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    Outlook 2010 Address Book, won't stay selected

    Hi cdagne, Generally, the mentioned issue occurred due to the following given below reasons: 1.) Might be, OAB is not connected to the profile for the service. 2.) Sometimes, after adding the Outlook Address Book as a service, users forget to restart the Outlook. 3.) Outlook profile...
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    Isn't there an easy way to remove duplicate contacts in outlook?

    Hi friend, You can remove the duplicate contacts which are presently on your contact list or folders through delete option of duplicate contacts. Follow these instructions: 1.) Contacts (select the folder) >> Current View (Navigation Pane) >> Phone lists >> View menu>> Current View >>...
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    outlook 2010 email folders

    To import your Old PST file created through POP3 email account in the new IMAP PST account just follow this path: File>>Open, Import>>Import from another program or file>>Select file type>>Browse>>Next>>Finish
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    Unable to forward email with URL

    Hi friend,Did you check is the hyperlink is formed from your side if yes then there is a problem at recipient side. It has to done some change in the setting option.Click Tool >>Option >> Mail format tab>> And in message format section chose the HTML format.In same Tb there is a another section...
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    Rename Outlook 2010 .PST Files

    Go for free inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft Scanpst.exe, It helps you in overcoming the error Ox8004010F Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed". Path of Scanpst.exe: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.
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    Importing Rules in Outlook 2013

    Hi friend, 1.)Microsoft provides both options for you, either you can import these rules to existing folder or you can also create a new folder for rules. 2.)And if window taskbar show you the existing icon of MS-Outlook even after closing of Outlook window then you can delete the shortcut...
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    Rule to Handle Meeting Replies that updates tracking information

    Hi Control Engineer, You are too much close to your answer but I guess you are not so clear about it. So, you actually want to see the “DECLINED” replies. So, let’s follow these rules. In ”TRACKING” window select the “READ RECIEPT CONFIRMING THE RECIEPENT VIEWED THE MESSAGE” option...