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    Private check box in table view

    In my table view of contacts for a new contact db I just made, some of the contacts have a check box available to flag as private an some don't. I would prefer it be all or none. I can't figure out why some have it and not others.
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    Exporting IM Address field

    I use the wizard to export a contact folder but I use the field mapping because I don't want most of the fields. But one of the fields I DO want is the IM address (I used it for some info I wanted on each contact) and it doesn't seem to appear in the field mapping list anywhere unless I'm just...
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    Two .pst files on one computer both with contacts?

    [single computer, single user - Windows 10, Outlook 2010, no add'l devices so no syncing needed, no mobile version, etc.] I have two .psts files - both POP3 First one was original and has everything, even more than one contact folder. Second .pst created years later to deal with email for...
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    "Discussion" item

    I've been using Outlook since the 90's and I've never seen this 'functionality'. I think I must have moved my mouse over something and inadvertently opened this 'item' up. I've attached a screenshot of it. I've Googled and searched throughout Outlook itself and can't find how I came across it in...
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    Outlook 2010 Flag blocked for Safe Senders List????

    First let me say that I am on a loaner PC and this has never happened to me before so I'm thinking some (bizarre) setting got changed during the set up on the temporary PC. I am in Contact record and I go to add a Flag to it and it says it's 'hidden text' and I get 3 choices, one of which is...
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    Contact display as

    In the contact record we can put the email address in the email field and then right below it is the option of decide what we want to Display As when sending an email. So I only have the person's name in the Display As field. I took out the corresponding email address. When I click on Email to...
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    contact notepad 'style' getting changed after clicking and running Activities

    I had already posted earlier a problem I was having with the contact notepad having bluish squiggly underlines and right clicking suggesting I change the style to Normal. Now I found out why some have it and not others. The note pad is fine until I run Activities and then when I go back to the...
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    How to turn off autocorrect in contact notepads

    I must have inadvertently changed a setting and can't figure out how to change it back. What is suddenly happening lately is that I have these squiggly bluish underlines under almost everything in many of the contacts in ONE of my contact folders. Very, very odd. When I right click is offers...
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    Column view fonts

    I wanted to make the fonts larger for my task view. While in the column view I went to View, View Settings, Other Settings - Fonts and Other Table View Settings and changed Column Font, Row Font and AutoPreview Font all from 8 pt to 10 pt and clicked all the OKs. The tasks that are in red cause...
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    Signature displaying incorrectly in email

    My signature looks fine in the signature set up section. When copying and pasting it to MS Word 2010 from same MS Office suite, still looks fine. Then in the email itself something happens. All the spacing is different. And can't control it. I tried HTML email and Rich Text. All the spacing is...
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    Auto-complete - block select emails

    Long shot but any chance there's a way to block and/or enable the auto complete of emails, address by address? So instead of autocomplete created for all or none, any chance we can let it create an autocomplete just for the contacts we say OK to or not for the contacts we say NO to? Would...
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    Wishlist Opening Outlook where we left off

    I have Outlook 2010 but whatever version, it would be great if we could have Outlook open where we left off the way browsers left you set it to re-opening with all the tabs we had open instead of a fresh start. Someone on the Internet wrote a way to do it by making a shortcut on the desktop with...
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    linking an already sent/rec'd email to contact record like it did in 2000

    I went from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010. In 2000 I could 'link' any contact I wanted to an email so that if an email went from Joe to Jane, but discussed Eric and Eric was NOT in any of the email address fields (To, From, CC, BCC) it could be linked after it was sent or received so that...
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    To do bar - show more than 30 days of appointments

    I am showing one month, the appts and the tasks. How can I show more than 30 days of appts. on the To Do Bar on the right? I don't put in that many appts so I want to see something on the 32nd day ahead.