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    how to make OL (2007) to use custom contact form when importing / opening .VCF?

    how to make OL (2007) to use custom contact form when importing / opening .VCF? my custom form works fine within the program, but when i double-click on a .VCF it opens in default, not the custom form. and therefore i can't save it like that - it would not line-up with the rest of the contacts...
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    alter the timeout for how long outlook looks for a content-server on an HTML-email?

    no - this is not about timeouts when contacting mail servers. instead, here's the scenario - you have a beautiful, richly-formatted and image-containing HTML email in your inbox that's trying to pull part of its content from a web-server somewhere... BUT: for whatever reason that server is...
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    OL2007 - is there a way to disable the "feature" that cripples mails that are in the "junk" folder?

    see - i don't want to always have to move the mails elsewhere to scan them, and viewing the messed-up mails there is just not an option. i'm on whitelist-only to the inbox, so i do have to scan spam periodically. if that folder could be fixed, that would be best/simplest. if not, i'd be...
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    outlook 2007 - opening a contact from the search results doesn't use the custom form

    up to like 2 months ago i was using lookout, which then for some reason stopped working and i couldn't get it back on. looken failed to install, and other alternatives seemed bloated. so i thought i'd give a go to bill gates' search. which is better than i thought, but: when i open a...