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    can you share a bcm database with 2 different versions of windows?

    I have windows 7 home premium version and my husbands is windows 7 professional. Could this be why we are having problems sharing? If so, is there a work around?
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    2013 BCM Won't Install

    I had installed Business Contact manager 32 bit on my husband's computer. This morning when we got to work, his business contact manager wasn't showing up. he uninstalled BCM. Now when I try to install it back, we can't get it to install. it says that sql 2008 is installed. I have uninstalled...
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    Need Help with Script. Keep getting Runtime Error 438

    I have used the script that diane had in her article "Create A Letter to A Contact Using VBA". I supplied the fields that I needed, but I must be doing something wrong. I got the Compile error first, so in References I Click word object and now I am getting this runtime 438 error. Would...
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    opening Word Document in a business contact?

    I have a word document that is called a preparer checklist. I would like to create a macro and a button to run it, and have the button appear in each business contact. Is this possible? If so, can I have the form populated by the info inside the business contact? Is there a way to map it?
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    Importing custom fields into custom form in BCM

    I had a custom contact form in Outlook 2013 which was named Client Contacts. When I set up BCM, I imported those contacts in, but it didn't show the custom form with the information. So then, I customized the BCM contact form to have the same fields as the ones in my Client Contacts and...
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    Help Getting Started?

    I downloaded Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013. When I opened my outlook the first time afterwards, there it was. Now when I open it, it's not there. How do I open it or where did it go? Also, I created a custom contact form that I was using in my regular outlook. When I imported my...