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    Mail rule issue

    I have got some email addresses that when I add them to an existing rule group, despite what I do, they won't work. Well I looked a bit closer to the email address and found something interesting, in the address portion after the @, each one of these rules has 3 . in it. eg Dick Smith...
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    Transactional emails - mail rule

    Hi, Probably a constant pain to all is trying to get effective email rules to work with transactional type of emails. And for those you might be thinking, transactional email, there the ones where an organisation is using that type of email system where the sender address constantly changes. I...
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    Force account selection for sending reply emails

    I use an office 365 for my mail server, to which, my Outlook 2016 downloads (with all the exchange whiz bangs). My current email address although, is still my isp one that I have had for years. I forward all mail from the isp account immediately to my office 365 account. Of course, I also...
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    Combine Mail Rules

    Hi, I am using Office 365 OWA, with outlook 2013 with the desktop. I have come across the limit with mail rules and have also expanded that size to the maximum. I probably do have way too many email rules and as I research solutions to this, the common one is to combine mail rules. That...