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    Outlook editing won't select just one word

    Hi, When I choose one word to edit in an Outlook message, the entire sentence becomes highlighted. I would have more control over either selecting just the word or a few letters. I did turn off the option to automatically select the entire word. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix...
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    Missing Contact?

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding how Outlook manages contacts. I set up a contact in Outlook (or so I thought) but when I searched for it in "contacts" it did not show. Outlook suggested I search in "all contacts: and there is was. Can someone help me understand the difference...
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    Sync Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar

    Hi, What are my options to sync my Outlook calendar with a Google calendar? I am aware of Google Calendar Sync, however, i would prefer being able to filter the Google "calendars" so not all appear in Outlook. Thanks for your help.