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    Outlook Ribbon Customization and Deployment

    Hi, I'm trying to move the 'Reply All' button under the "More" subgroup of the Respond Group in the Outlook 2010 Ribbon but i can't seem to be able to. It seems you can only create Groups and have One level under it. Am i correct in this? Is there a way to customize the Outlook...
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    Monthly Style Calendar Printing

    Hi, is there a way to exclude the end time of a meeting/appointment from displaying within the calendar? Also, i'd like to get rid of the thumbnails in the header to give more space for the calendar days. I'm a programmer so if there's a way to do this via code, can someone please guide me on...
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    Rolling Calendar

    Hi, I need to modify one of the weekly or monthly templates to display a rolling calendar view for the next four weeks from today. So if today is the 15th of the month, i need to display all the appointments/meeting for the next four weeks in a calendar view. Is there a way to do this? I...
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    Outllook 2010 Header Image

    We just switched over from Lotus Notes to Exchange and branding is very important to management. In Lotus notes, we used to be able to assign the company logo to the header of every email. Can this be done in Outlook? Thanks in advance.
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    Calendar Thumbnail current day background color

    I'm trying to highlight the background color of the current day in the Calendar thumbnail but can't seem to be able to get it. I tried putting Conditional tags but i'm not sure what property values are allowed for Condition: CONDITIONALFORMAT Condition="DayOfMonth eq Today"...