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    Use contacts from"People" app in Win10 in Outlook

    In Windows 10, the "People" app syncs with my Gmail contacts. Is it possible to get Outlook to read my contacts from that app, so my Gmail contacts will be available in Outlook?
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    Image scaling on high DPI screens

    Our company uses Google Apps mail, with some staff using Outlook IMAP as their mail client. I am having problems inserting images into signatures and having them display consistently on some of our laptops that have high dpi displays with desktop scaling enabled (>100%). The problems are as...
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    Linked (online) signature images

    I'm using Outlook 2013, and have inserted some logos into my signature. The images are stored online, and so are inserted as links, to avoid them being attached to the message. This works fine. However, if I'm not connected to the Internet (e.g. because I'm using 4G and out of a reception area)...
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    Reply using address a message was sent to

    I have a single mailbox set up as an IMAP account in Outlook. Multiple email addresses forward into this mailbox. I'm hoping to use the macro at the following link to set Outlook to always reply from the address a message was sent to...
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    Macro to move sent items from local folder to IMAP folder

    I am trying to set up a macro to move items sent through some POP3 accounts into my IMAP Sent Items folder (because I've created the POP3 accounts as send-from aliases). I've followed the instructions at this page...