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    Fake reminder apperaring (not in calendar) - how to remove?

    I have what appears to be a fake reminder appearing, and I'm concerned it is a virus or scam software. The widgets in the reminder look different than other reminders that come up from my calendar. Attached are screen shots showing the difference. The task manager lists the process as...
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    Suggested contacts are not retained after exiting Outlook 2010; Windows 8.1

    After sending an email from an IMAP account to a new contact from my address book, as expected, the contact shows as a suggestion for new emails when typing into the To, Cc, and Bcc lines. Upon exiting Outlook, and restarting Outlook the contact no longer appears as a suggestion. There are...
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    Show all images for jpg attachments in reading pane for received emails?

    I've been unable to automatically show attached images in received emails in the reading pane, or if I click open an email (like Outlook Express always used to ). On those emails, instead there are jpg icons at top left of the pane that must be clicked individually to see the images...