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    Outlook Fonts not Sticking

    We have been working with MS for the past 7 months regarding Outlook Fonts changing back to Calibri 11. Users are changing their default fonts through File, Options and somehow after a fews days, they are reverting back to Calibri 11 (microsoft's default) We have changed...
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    Attachment Icon (paperclip) not showing for some emails with Attachments

    We are on Win7 - Outloo2010. I have some users that are receiving emails with attachments, but the paperclip is not showing. It isn't for all messages, just some. When opening the email, the attachment is there. I have read where it isn't appearing at all, but this is not the case. It is...
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    Outlook Advanced Find

    If I search for emails with a specific word from the search (Ctrl E) and then select the items found and then right click, select Move and select other folder - The list of all my emails folders appear. If I use the Advanced Search option from the Search Tools on the ribbon, when I...