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    Can Click to Drag Custom Form Field But Cannot Drop When Designing in Outlook 2007

    I went in design mode to an existing custom Task form I had created and my organization has been using successfully from a shared Task folder for about a year now. I need to add a new text box and label to the form. After I created each, I clicked them to adjust their position on the screen by...
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    Favorites in Public Folders issue

    Any guesses as to how our Favorites folder in our Public Folders folder were created (see attached image)? We have four total users with access to the Public Folders and none of them say they created any Favorites. Further, if I right-click any of them, there is no option to "unFavorite"...
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    Best approach for restarting custom task form development after seemingly corrupt form environment

    New to the Forum. Glad to see such a helpful community out there for Outlook Forms development. My development environment: Office 365 for exchange hosting Outlook 2007 on laptop, running Windows 7 Developing new form in one of our public Exchange folders (folder name is "FL Group Tasks")...