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    Email address included automatically in the recurring meeting

    For all the recurring meeting in the calender, a email address( has been automatically included in the attendee list. User has Iphone with the updated version 6.1.2.Outlook is 2010. and email server is Exchange 2010. Any suggestions.
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    Synchronization of some deletions failed [0-130]

    Users receiving Outlook Synchronization Logs for Synchronization of some deletions failed [0-130] 2 items updated in online folder. User using Outlook 2010 /Exchange 2010. Does we have solution to avoid getting this type of error logs. regards Mohammed Eliyas
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    Don't have permission to schedule meetings on behalf

    Hi, When a user tries to schedule Live meetings( Pulg-ins) on behalf of her manager, Users receives an error message " Don't have permission to schedule meetings on behalf" , Even though Her manager has provided Author permission on her calender and also has provided send as permission...
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    Outlook 2010 slowness in cache mode

    Hi, I need your help in resolving the case. Every time i start my Outlook 2010 I have to wait for 2 minutes or more until Outlook loading Add-ins. Done Troubleshoot already 1) Outlook opens Instantly in Safe mode 2) Outlook opens instantly in Online mode ( with all Add-ins...
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    Auto response from Outlook

    HI All, I have set an rule in Outlook for an auto response email when ever any email arrives. And this is working fine only for the internal emails, When i sent an email from gmail account to my corporate account , I don't get any response to my Gmail account. If i send an email from my...
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    Remove sharing icon from outlook contacts

    Hi Guys, I have situation here, sharing(hand) icon doesn’t go away even after sharing has been removed from the outlook contacts. I am using Outlook 2007 and Exchange server 2003. Even I have tried moving my mailbox to another server still the same, this occurs even if my outlook configures...