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    Modal form is not properly working on inspector

    Hi all, I have created an outlook addin and added toolbar on an inspector open event in inspector. When user click on a button on toolbar, new modal form gets opened on top of inspector . If user clicks on send button of inspector and closes the model form then send email event...
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    How to hide pstStore

    Hi all, I have programmatically created new pstStore. This pstStore is visible to end user. How can hide this pstStore. Addin is on Outlook 2003 in C#. _pstStore = oSession.Stores.AddPSTStore(....,...,...); Thanks, Regards, Nitin
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    How to create hidden rule in outlook 2007

    Hi all, I am developing outlook plug-in for outlook 2007. I have created programmatic- ally rule and it works fine.This rule can see in 'Rules and Alert' window.Can user hide this rule? or how can create hidden rule and set it's execution order first? Thanks in advance.
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    Drag and drop attachment in outlook addin

    Hi All, I have created outlook addin for outlook 2003 in vsto-2008. When I have tried to allow property 'allowDrag' to textbox it gives runtime exception "dragdrop registration did not succeed". I have searched on net, got suggestion to use threading. Thread t = new Thread(new...