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    Can't read my mails if they are on a folder...

    I have a 17.5GB mailbox. It has too many folders as you may imagine... Well, right now if I try to look for an especific mail, I exapand my folders to reach the one that contains the mail I'am lookin for... But suddenly it appears like all my folders ar dissapearing, then Outlook goes to a...
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    Assign a unique number to every message I send

    I found this code on your slipstick page... It almost cover my needs... I need to assign a number to every message I send, not matter if is randomly assgined o sequentaly, it only needs to be unique for each message... Public WithEvents myOlApp As Outlook.Application Private...
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    Show as: Tentative out of office

    In an appointment I can select "Free, busy, out of oficce, and tentative" but, some times is tentative but Out of the office, in my case is important to distinguish when probably I am going to be out of the office... Now I use categories, but will be nice to have that option in the "show as"...
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    Active task for selected days options

    ACTIVE TASK FOR SELECTED DAYS I really miss this setting (from the Task Pad) in OL XP and before.... Is there any way they can include that setting for the TO-DO bar... at least when is displayed in Calendar view??? AP