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    Export-Import .pst file problems

    I upgraded to Win-10 / Office 2010 on a new machine, and am moving over 1500 contact records critical data for my business from Win-7 outlook 2007. There are 3 user defined fields and they do not appear in the exported file, I googled this issue and it seems outlook does not export UDF's. So...
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    Outlook 2007 Contacts Glitch: Creating a new email

    Weird one. In Outlook 2007, for contacts you can have up to 3 emails in the pulldown. Right clicking on each one choosing "send mail" is supposed to send an email out to the one you choose but it doesn't work correctly. I have 2 email addresses for a contact and if I right click on the first...
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    How can I do this.

    Outlook 2007 - contact form. I want to REMOVE the business card above Notes so NOTES now has all that space. How can this be done, or can't it.
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    Cannot open CALENDAR in outlook 2003

    Hi, I having a weird sudden problem that is creating a serious issue. The current outlook calendar will NOT open / does not appear in the DEFAULT standard view showing month on left and CURRENT DAY, hour by hour in the right pane- I only see LINE ITEMS on the right of ALL calendar appt items...